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Hindi Verb Conjugator

At first, this verb conjugating website will seem very confusing, and you might not be sure which verb form to take.  However, later on, this website will be very valuable for you.  Don't worry, in time, you'll understand which form of the verb to use and why.  We recommend learning some of the common verbs below first.

Verb "To Be"

Note - there are three ways to say "you".  "Too" is very informal, and is for young children, maybe a mate, but is impolite to use with others.

Conjugate to be present.PNG

Practice saying the verb "to be' in the present tense

To Have

Verb - मेरे पास है  - I Have

In Hindi, there isn't an exact verb that means "to have".  Instead, an adverb पास (paas -close/nearby) is used.

मेरे पास है can be used only with physical objects like a book, apples, house, car, siblings, husband, bible, etc.


However, it cannot be used in a sentence like “I have a cold”.

Notice how you change your sentence depending on who has the item.

to have.PNG

To say “I don’t have”, just add नहीं (naheen – not) before the verb है (hai – is).

I don't have.PNG

Watch this video to practice the verb "to have."

Apple vocabulary.PNG
I have an apple.PNG
To Want

To want

When we conjugate a verb, we are changing the ending so we know who is doing it and when they are doing it.  Let's learn how to conjugate the verb "to want" in the Present Tense. "Bolana" means "to speak."

Conjugate I want to speak.PNG

After we conjugate the verb "to want", we can add the infinitive form of the verb to make a sentence.  The infinitive form means that the verb has not been changed.  It doesn't tell you who is doing the verb or when they are doing it. 

- Then, at the end of the sentence, we'll add the conjugated form of the verb "to be."  Why add "to be?"  It's like saying:

"I am wanting to ask." (present)

"I am wanting to drink." (present)

"I was wanting to drink." (past)

"I will be wanting to drink." (future)

Here's the Sentence Structure:

Subject Pronoun then infinitive verb then the conjugated form of "to want"

verbs I want to do.PNG

For more vocabulary words and practice, use the JW Language App

Choose "Grammar" then choose "Personal Pronouns"

Then choose "I want to eat ice cream."

Conjugate verbs

Conjugate Verbs

Here's an explanation of all the different tenses of Hindi Verbs.

Using "Ne" - Simple Past, Present Perfect and Past Perfect

Hindi Verbs

Hindi Verbs

Hindi Verbs
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