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Practical phrases

Introductions and Manners

Learn to say commonly used phrases

- Hello, Goodbye. My Name is.  What is your name? Nice to meet you.      

- Introducing Family and Friends    

- How are you?  I am Fine

- Please and Thank You

- Excuse me

- Do you speak English?

Get faster at meeting and introducing yourself and your friends to Hindi speakers.  Play the NAME GAME with your fellow learners.  Download and print the instructions for each player.

One good place to practice introductions in Hindi is the JW Language App under "Words and Phrases" then under "Preaching Skills" then under "Greetings and Introductions."

The video below will also help you to practice basic phrases.

Name Game Instructions Graphic.PNG
Top Indian Name Graphics.PNG

This video will teach you 15 words related to family, like mother, father, husband, wife, etc.  Don't worry if you don't understand the example sentences yet.  Just practice the family words

Hindi Numbers


Practice Numbers 1 to 10

Practice Using Numbers

phone number.PNG

Practice Numbers 11 to 100

Here's a five-page number chart of zero to 100 million - pdf

number graphic.PNG

Here's a five-page number chart of zero to 100 million - Excel document.  If you click on blue numbers, you can hear the audio of the number name.

number graphic.PNG

Once you learn how to read your numbers, here's a handy 1-page printout to remind yourself.

Read Books of the Bible

Books of the Bible

Open and save these files to your computer.  Practice reading the books of the bible written in Hindi - Don't worry - you can do it.  The explanations in the pdf files break down the bible books letter by letter.

After you've learned how to read the bible books, practice with your listening comprehension, so you're ready to recognize scriptures at meetings.  Follow the suggestions at the end of the document on how you can use the JW Language App for learning all the Bible books in smaller portions.

bible books 1 easy.PNG
bible books 2 double letters.PNG
bible books 3 1st 2nd 3rd.PNG

Practice Finding Scriptures

With a group of fellow language learners, have one student say a bible book, chapter and verse, and see if your fellow students can find the verse you said.  Take turns.


intorducing scriptures.PNG

Here are the ordinal numbers from one to ten, like first, second third.

You've already learned first, second and third in connection with the names of bible books.  If you've ready to learn more ordinal numbers, watch the video below.  You might want to skip ahead to the minute time of 2:49 since that's were the lesson on ordinal numbers begins.  Notice that each ordinal number acts like an adjective that matches with male, female and plural of the object it is describing.

Now, let's learn some nouns, so we can start to create some sentences

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